Securing Your Holiday Home!

House of Père Lacroix by Paul CézanneAt last you have purchased your holiday home in the Provence. You are looking forward to long holidays, new adventures and family fun.


Unfortunately, misadventures take place in your home, and with the home being vacant for long periods of time your property can be subject to vandalism or worse a burglary. Of course, you may never be affected but it is wise to take some precautions. Naturally you will have a comprehensive insurance policy for your house and contents – have you remembered?


But what else should you consider?

1) Are you Safe and Secure? Quality locks on doors, windows and patio doors fitted! Perhaps you should consider a personal safe to lock away those small but expensive items. It might be worth investing in a burglar alarm, security lights, shutters and or grills.

2) Keys – you may have a caretaker or local friend who can keep a spare set of keys. Hopefully, they can keep on an eye on your property too. If not, perhaps a key safe would be wise investment. Check with your insurer that this is acceptable. But do not put keys under doormats, plant pots, etc.!
3) Garden: are all your garden items: furniture, pool equipment, bicycles, lawn-movers secure? If not, lock them away.

4) Maintenance checks: simple checking can save a large bill later! Are the gutters clear, roof tiles missing, appliances safe, smoke/carbon monoxide alarms  working correctly?


Just a few simple checks, wise precautions and checking your cover will allow you to rest easily when away from your holiday home!