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villecroze property

Charming Village of Villecroze Set up against the foothills of the Alpes de Provence in Haut Var, Villecroze is a charming village which attracts many visitors. In the magnificent decor of mountains of pines and oaks, this village has many sights to see. Explore the charming village houses of Villecroze. One, which you shouldn’t miss […]

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Verdon Gorges

property in the area of Verdon Gorges

Verdon Gorges This immense and magnificent canyon straddles the departments of Var and the Alpes de Haute Provence. Often considered to be one of Europe’s most beautiful. The gigantic cliffs of calcareous rock are the result of the erosion of the Verdon river. In the midst of a nature reserve, rich in flora and fauna, […]

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property in Tourtour

Tourtour – beautiful village status Thanks to its character, on the top of a 630 meters hill, where you can benefit from a panoramic vue , Tourtour has been classified as one of the 100 most beautiful villages of France. The village is full of flowers all along the year. You will love its places […]

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Sillans La Cascade

property in sillans la cascade

Charming Sillans La Cascade Situated 20 minutes from Lac Sainte Croix, Sillans La cascade is well known for its 42 meters cascade that you can discover after a 800 meters walk from the village through woods of century plane trees. Admire the property in Sillans La Cascade. With its river, its charming entrance and stone […]

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Seillans: One of the most beautiful villages The village of Seillans has built itself up over the centuries inside fortified walls. It has a long and interesting history. This medieval site set in the midst of wonderful countryside will astonish you with its labyrinths of cobbled streets, rustic portals, shaded courts and ancient fountains. The […]

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property in rians

Explore Rians At 335 m, altitude, Rians is a large village situated between the areas of Ste. Baume , Aix en Provence, and Ste. Victoire. Built in a spiraling manner around its bell tower, and having a rich historical legacy, Rians is a joy to history and archaeology enthusiasts. In exploring the city you will find […]

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La Verdiere

property in la verdiere

Picturesque La Verdiere This picturesque village of Haut Var is built on a little hill around a 10th c. seigniorial castle. The steep and winding streets are planned around the castle. Visiting La Verdiere will let you discover ancient tall houses (16th and 17th century), lovely fountains, and at the very top of the village, […]

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Fayence: Aroma of Provence Perched on the side of a hill between the sea and the mountains, and set in picturesque Provençal countryside, Fayence is rated highly by tourists. It has a southerly climate, charming old streets, warm and welcoming inns emitting the aromas of Provence, and even some relics of times past. Fayence is […]

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property in entrecasteaux

Historic Entrecasteaux Entrecasteaux is well known for its castle (built in the 16thc. on the ruins of an 11thc. Fort) at the bottom of which you will see a splendid garden designed by Le Notre. The castle was the residence of many Provencal nobles. Check out Entrecasteaux property in this historic village. Thanks to its […]

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properties in Cotignac

Cotignac – a typical Provencal Village Cotignac is situated in the interior of Var in the centre of Provence at 230m. Altitude, and stands at the bottom of a majestic great rock, at the top of which you will see towers from 11th c. and where you will find troglodytes houses. It has kept the […]

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