Porquerolles Island

 Gold Islands: Porquerolles

Porquerolles property

Porquerolles is the biggest and the most flamboyant of the three Gold Islands in the Hyères gulf.

A renowned vineyard…
The island was bought in 1912 by “Monsieur Fournier” who apparently bought it as a wedding present for his wife; he planted two hundred hectares with grapevines. This later produced a top quality wine which was to become one of the first to be classed “vines des Côtes de Provence”.

Now a preserved area: In 1971, the state bought 4/5 of the island, thus protecting it from any unsightly housing or hotel developments. Linked to the Park National de Port-Cros Porquerolles is another site protected by the Conservatoire Botanique.

ile de port cros